How to make a light box (on the cheap!)

How to make a light box (on the cheap!)

The secrete to success on Etsy? Good pictures. It’s as simple as that. See, many shops spend hours a day or longer just to promote their brand. While this will always be a necessary part of the job as “Shop Owner” – You can make it much easier on yourself with this one simple change. […]

Pinterest in correlation with other websites #1

Pinterest in correlation with other websites #1

I don’t know about you,  but I can recall more than one time that I sit in front of the computer – trying extremely hard to think of something – anything – to pin. That’s when I decided to do something that seemed a little crazy – but it will require a little back knowledge. […]

How to Gain Followers on Pinterest

How to Gain Followers on Pinterest

My Tuesday post – as promised in my updates post ;) At any rate, Pinning for your business or your pleasure is relatively pointless if you don’t have followers. Sometimes it can be very off putting… staring at your follower count hover at a low number. The main ingredient to gaining followers is, as with anything […]

Pinterest Image Optimization

Pinterest is such an extremely visual site,  that while for all of your Etsy shops an items you probably have to focus on SEO, here, we have to focus on PIO (if you will, :) ) .  I find if you optimize images on Pinterest, you will greatly increase traffic and followers. 1. Pin your […]

Etsy’s About Page

This week we’re taking a break from pinterest, because while this blog is pinterestcentric, the goal of pinterest is to grow your business, so occasionally if I find another bit of powerful information that I believe will help your shop, I might switch. Plus it keeps things interesting ;). We’ll go back to regular pinterest […]

Wednesday Features #2

Excellent! Another Wednesday (Read Thursday because I forgot to post…) which means we get to go through all the wonders of the little land that is Etsy. Featured Shop: MicheleCordaroDesign While going about and searching through Etsy, immediately when I saw this shop I knew I had to feature it! The items are unique, fun, […]

4 Ways to Add Pinterest to Blogs.

If you have a blog, say one that represents your shop, then having people “pin” it can be an excellent way to drive traffic to your blog, and, hopefully curiosity enough to drive it to your shop. This can also be if you just blog for fun, however have paid advertisements on your blog. The […]

How to Drive Your Business with Pinterest.

For people who simply aren’t addicted to the social and visual aspects of pinterest, and have no interest in sharing their discoveries, chances are they’re there strictly for business.  I’m writing this mostly from the viewpoint of an Etsy shop owner, however I will include tips for larger businesses as well. This is such a vast […]

Wednesday Features #1

Today is our first Wednesday Features! (I may be a bit late for Wednesday, but in CO time it’s only 9:00 PM…. I’VE STILL MADE IT, I have excuse, awful cold). Because this is the first week, future week’s categories may change. I’m just starting off nice and basic. I will feature: 1. An Etsy […]

Quick Updates:

Since today is Monday, I wanted to inform you of our new author, Candice.  She will be writing every Monday from henceforth, and Candice is an awesome person! You can learn a little bit more out about Candice here, or visit her beautiful Etsy shop here.  Her first post will be next Monday, profiling Pinterest […]


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