See You in September!

The PinMe Team Blog has been a great success so far! We hope you have enjoyed the fun and informative posts. We have certainly enjoyed your comments! So now it’s August and Victoria is moving across the country and Candice will be taking some time to work on her Etsy shop and take a family […]

The Pinterest Dessert Challenge

Over the last 6 months, I have assembled quite a collection of pins on my Sweet Treats board. While I was pinning last night, I realized that I have not made a single one of the desserts I have pinned! So when I came across a recipe for Cake Batter Rice Krispy Treats, I decided to […]

Pinterest Goes to the Movies

The other day, my 15 year old daughter and her friend asked if I would take them to see the movie Magic Mike. Knowing that this was a movie about male strippers, I thought I would take a look on Pinterest to see what information I could find. Hence the topic of movie reviews. The […]

Under the Sea!

It always seems to happen…I’m looking for a specific item on Pinterest and I see something else that looks interesting and I pin that and so on and so on. That’s exactly what happened last week when I was looking for pins about bathing suits…in a moment of Pinterest A.D.D, a photo of an underwater […]

The Bathing Suit Dilemma

It wasn’t until I went shopping for bathing suits a few weeks ago that I realized I had teetered over into the plus size range during the course of this year. The definition of plus size is of course an individual assessment so please don’t think that I am directing this post at you. Actually, I […]

How to make a light box (on the cheap!)

The secrete to success on Etsy? Good pictures. It’s as simple as that. See, many shops spend hours a day or longer just to promote their brand. While this will always be a necessary part of the job as “Shop Owner” – You can make it much easier on yourself with this one simple change. […]

Destination London

My family is planning a trip to London in 2013. This coupled with the excitement of the upcoming London 2012 Summer Olympic Games and the recent celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee sent me on a Pinterest search to see what information I could find on this beloved country. London is known for so many […]

Pinterest in correlation with other websites #1

I don’t know about you,  but I can recall more than one time that I sit in front of the computer – trying extremely hard to think of something – anything – to pin. That’s when I decided to do something that seemed a little crazy – but it will require a little back knowledge. […]

How to Gain Followers on Pinterest

My Tuesday post – as promised in my updates post 😉 At any rate, Pinning for your business or your pleasure is relatively pointless if you don’t have followers. Sometimes it can be very off putting… staring at your follower count hover at a low number. The main ingredient to gaining followers is, as with anything […]

A Guide to College Resources on Pinterest

If your family is like mine, you have attended several graduation parties this month. With a teenage child who is a sophomore in high school, we will be looking at colleges before I can say “second mortgage”, so I thought I would test out Pinterest as a college planning resource. I have found that when I […]


The “Couponista” Culture

While I was searching for cake ingredients for my last post, I stumbled across a Land-o-Lakes coupon…it had not occurred to me that I could find coupons on Pinterest! But why not? Pinterest seems to have everything! So I decided to do a little research on coupons to see how pervasive they are in the […]