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The Art of the Pin

Welcome to the Monday Pin Me Team Blog! Every Monday, I will write about the creative side of Pinterest. Yes, there is a strong marketing aspect to Pinterest. We all know that individuals and businesses have discovered that Pinterest is an incredible marketing tool. In fact, I first began using Pinterest to promote my silk […]

How to Drive Your Business with Pinterest.

For people who simply aren’t addicted to the social and visual aspects of pinterest, and have no interest in sharing their discoveries, chances are they’re there strictly for business.  I’m writing this mostly from the viewpoint of an Etsy shop owner, however I will include tips for larger businesses as well. This is such a vast […]

Wednesday Features #1

Today is our first Wednesday Features! (I may be a bit late for Wednesday, but in CO time it’s only 9:00 PM…. I’VE STILL MADE IT, I have excuse, awful cold). Because this is the first week, future week’s categories may change. I’m just starting off nice and basic. I will feature: 1. An Etsy […]

Quick Updates:

Since today is Monday, I wanted to inform you of our new author, Candice.  She will be writing every Monday from henceforth, and Candice is an awesome person! You can learn a little bit more out about Candice here, or visit her beautiful Etsy shop here.  Her first post will be next Monday, profiling Pinterest […]

5 Things you didn’t know you could do on Pinterest.

Another “Five things” post – I know, but, I find them really helpful, I’m hoping to add some insightful information and really hoping at least one of these is new for you! 🙂 1. You can mention people as you would on Twitter , Facebook, or Instagram.  This is actually quite a nifty feature! As far […]

5 tips of Pinterest Etiquette

We have all followed at least one person that we grew to regret. Obsessive pinning, rude remarks, constantly seeing their pasty avatar… it really takes away from the whole experience, and, usually results in the loss of a follower. Lose too many followers and the sites purpose of promotion starts to become void.  Here are […]


Hello, I’m Victoria, a friend of our new captain, Tara (Ewe), and a new leader of the Pin Me team. I’m extraordinarily excited to have this opportunity, I’m a huge fan of Pinterest even though I’m new to it. You can visit my Pinterest page here, where you will find some of my favorite art/music/books, and of course […]