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I’m Victoria, a friend of our new captain, Tara (Ewe), and a new leader of the Pin Me team. I’m extraordinarily excited to have this opportunity, I’m a huge fan of Pinterest even though I’m new to it. You can visit my Pinterest page here, where you will find some of my favorite art/music/books, and of course Etsy. It’s ever growing and ever changing! You can of course visit my profile here where you can learn about me and contact me at your leisure.

An example of what you will find on my Pinterest.

This blog will become a Pinterest Enrichment blog, specifically designed for the Pin Me team, but of course welcome to all pinners of the world. We’re going to start off somewhat slow at one or two posts a week, and see how it goes. In the future I may want to look for more authors to make this blog as successful as possible.

The first ‘official’ post will be tomorrow, Friday. I will be posting at least every Friday, and as I said as we move on I will likely increase that.






About DeweysNook

I'm Victoria, leader of the Pin Me team, which is a cooperative / co op Etsy team - http://www.etsy.com/teams/11864/pin-me I'm also the designer/manager/owner at Dewey's Nook, which sells keepsakes inspired by the old world and many unique items. deweysnook.etsy.com I further own/manage Clover's Books, a currently under construction antiquarian book shop on etsy, selling affordable books, many over 100 years old. cloversbooks.etsy.com My avatar is Dewey Dunkin, the namesake of Dewey's Nook. Photo taken by me :)

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