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The Art of the Pin

Welcome to the Monday Pin Me Team Blog! Every Monday, I will write about the creative side of Pinterest. Yes, there is a strong marketing aspect to Pinterest. We all know that individuals and businesses have discovered that Pinterest is an incredible marketing tool. In fact, I first began using Pinterest to promote my silk floral design business. But as I began my mercenary quest for self-promotion, I started to notice that there was more to this site than meets the eye…before I knew it, I had created more than 10 virtual pinboards and I was pinning everything in sight! I spent hours and hours looking on Pinterest for photos for my boards. I got lost in all of the photos of beautiful things. It was as if when I pinned an item to my board, it belonged to me. Each board was a work of art that I had created…each item perfectly placed on the palette a.k.a the pinboard.

Favorite Food Pinboard

For someone who is extremely creative and visual, Pinterest is as addictive as another man’s video game. Who needs “Words with Friends” when I can spend an evening working on my “boards”? There’s always one more item to pin before I log off …then another and another. I named my first born, I mean my first board, “Food.” Not original, I admit, but what I found so exciting about this board was that I spent an afternoon thinking of everything I like to eat, searched for each item and found EVERY SINGLE ONE!! This site is a virtual treasure trove! I could almost taste those jellybeans in the jar that was bigger than my car. Yum!!

Then it occurred to me that I could pin items from my fellow Etsyans (I noticed the little “pin” symbol below each item) to a new board I named “Awesome Accessories.” This board is infinitesimal. Each item is hand selected to demonstrate my sense of style and good taste… a reflection of me. Each repin a validation of my brilliant selections. This is what makes Pinterest so much fun to use…it is expression and validation all in one. Pinterest is the perfect mix of marketing and creativity.

Awesome Accessories Featuring Etsy Crafters

I must admit that I am not a Pinterest expert by any means.      But I AM a passionate pinner. My hope is that this blog will be entertaining and relevant for my fellow pinners. I also intend that it will be interactive. To that end, Please feel free to contact me with any ideas/suggestions you may have for future posts.

Yours in Pinning,


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About Candice

Candice is the owner of Duchess Florals, a silk and fresh floral design studio in North Brunswick New Jersey, She studied floral design at The FlowerSchool NY and received her Professional Floral Design certification in 2014. Candice lives in North Brunswick, NJ with her husband and teenage daughter.

One comment on “The Art of the Pin

  1. What an excellent first post, Candice! Your use of words is powerful :).

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