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4 Ways to Add Pinterest to Blogs.

If you have a blog, say one that represents your shop, then having people “pin” it can be an excellent way to drive traffic to your blog, and, hopefully curiosity enough to drive it to your shop. This can also be if you just blog for fun, however have paid advertisements on your blog. The more visitors you get, the more chances you get for them to click an ad (and get paid). Maybe you just want your blog to have a pinterest presence! At any rate, of course someone could copy the link to your blog post and upload it as a pin, or they could be really savvy and have the Pin It in their web browser dealy, at any rate you’re still missing precious pinned opportunities!

Before we begin, here are some quick tips you might want to make sure your blog adheres to to ensure Pinterest is right for you (Same idea as in my previous post, you want to make sure it’s your right market!)

  • Relevant pictures!  If you never add screen shots or pictures to your posts, then don’t even bother pinning it.
  • Is pinterest where you want to be? If you’re posting recipes, kids, mommy blog, DIY, crafts, etc then Pinterest is perfect for your blog. On the other hand if you’re doing something like an online diary, maybe not so much. Use common sense on this one.
  Why do we need more than one way to add a pinme button to our blogs? You’ll see.

UPDATE FOR WODPRESS.COM USERS: This is the easiest method possible to get a whole slew of blog sharing options at the bottom of each post – including the Pinit button!   WordPress.com is the simple and free edition of wordpress that many new to the blogosphere, or who simply like, well, simplicity will use. This is an excellent example of the simplicity of wordpress.com,  as this is my favorite way found to share your blog.

1. Go to your wordpress.com blog’s dashboard.

2. Hover over “Settings”, then click “Sharing”

3. Select the services you wish to use on your blog, click “Share on all posts”, and it’s live. You never have to concern yourself about it again.  You can even customize how you want them to appear on your blog!

1. Manually.

Before you choose this one, make sure you have at least a basic idea of coding/etc. If not, it’ll feel like you’re reading another language! This is probably the most cumbersome way to go about adding a pinme button, however since it is manually you can select just which blog posts you want pinned. This gives you more control, because maybe a certain blog post doesn’t have pictures,etc.


You can add this button by going here (to Pinterests ‘goodies’ page) and following the instructions.

2. WordPress Plugins

Sharebar is a plugin specifically for WordPress sites, and it does more than just pinterest! Sharebar is, however, a plugin. Some people just don’t like them, as they can slow things up, but they are easier to understand.


You can download it by going to Plugins –> Add New –> Sharebar through your WordPress dashboard.

Sharbar is a floating bar that appears to the side of all posts.

Pinit Plugin

This is another plugin for WordPress, however unlike sharebar does not float along your full blog, it’s a far more simple plugin. You can download it here .

There are hundreds of ways to add a Pinit button, but I find these are the easiest

3. To Blogger

  I don’t host on Blogger, so this looked a little odd to me at first, however it’s basic coding. I recommend this tutorial.

This may not have been the most exciting subject, but I feel as though we needed it, as I feel this can be very helpful for your brand as a whole. It’s important to remember, people wont always think about pinning your blog post, so just by seeing it and making it easy you’re greatly increasing your chances of getting pinned.

Please excuse me for not having Wednesday features this week. My daughter Emily-Beth ended another school year this week, Thursday was their little party and I was helping the teacher set up on Wednesday. Sometimes things happen :). We’ll have them next week! 🙂


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