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Wednesday Features #2

Excellent! Another Wednesday (Read Thursday because I forgot to post…) which means we get to go through all the wonders of the little land that is Etsy.

Featured Shop: MicheleCordaroDesign

While going about and searching through Etsy, immediately when I saw this shop I knew I had to feature it! The items are unique, fun, and most important, PRETTY! From animal prints to flowers and wedding favors, there is a wide variety for you to enjoy! As it turns out, Michele Cordaro  (Owner/creater/designer of MicheleCordaroDesigns) also just joined the Pinme team, and while I don’t only feature shops in the pinme team, I thought that was a lovely extra. A very warm welcome to Michele! I personally look forward to what you will further place in your shop :).

Featured Item: Medieval Castle Photography

While this picture was taken in the Netherlands, I used to live in Ireland (Right after leaving England). Every time I see something that just reminds me of it, it truly moves me. I miss Ireland, it was gorgeous, but life called and here I am :). At any rate,  I adore this photograph. It’s a powerful summer sunset at a gorgeous castle. What more could you want?

Featured Pinboard: Science 



Even though there are only 9 pins on this board, this has been my favorite pinboard on science. It’s hard to find real pinboards that contain real information, and while I do that with my history, art, authors, etc pinboards, it takes a lot of extra work. So when I see others that have real information its always a treat to be able to read them!


That’s it for this Wednesday… Can’t wait until next week to share what I discovered!


About DeweysNook

I'm Victoria, leader of the Pin Me team, which is a cooperative / co op Etsy team - http://www.etsy.com/teams/11864/pin-me I'm also the designer/manager/owner at Dewey's Nook, which sells keepsakes inspired by the old world and many unique items. deweysnook.etsy.com I further own/manage Clover's Books, a currently under construction antiquarian book shop on etsy, selling affordable books, many over 100 years old. cloversbooks.etsy.com My avatar is Dewey Dunkin, the namesake of Dewey's Nook. Photo taken by me :)

One comment on “Wednesday Features #2

  1. Awesome post Victoria! I love those pots! Thinking about ideas for Monday!

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