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I Love Cake

Marie Antoinette “I Love Cake” card found in Etsy shop Mulberry Muse

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE cake. So when I was thinking about a topic for this week’s Monday blog post, I thought I would search on the phrase “I Love Cake” to see what came up. My search brought up hundreds of different cakes, all of which had comments that went something like “I Love Cake!” These cakes were pinned to boards named “Love”, “Yummy Food”, “Weddings”, “Cool Cakes”, To Bake or Not to Bake”, “______’s Birthday Party”, “Fun with Food” and “Party” among others.

When I browse through the various cakes, many of which are serious works of art, I can’t help but think that I am  privileged to have the opportunity to admire these beautiful creations because I am a pinner. Take my favorite, the delicate stack of beautiful Tiffany blue boxes each wrapped in cream colored fondant bows and topped with silver rings…oh I’m sorry, they MUST be platinum!  It’s almost as

Amazing rainbow cake found on Pinterest

if these gorgeous masterpieces belong to me because they are on my pinboard…I have found them and grabbed them for my own! The only thing lacking is that I cannot actually taste these amazing cakes! Next I decided to search for the ingredients needed to bake a cake. I found pins of every single ingredient on Pinterest in addition to items like cake pans,

Elegant Tiffany style cake found on Pinterest

baking utensils and cookbooks! The items had brand names like King Arthur’s  Flour, Williams Sonoma, Pampered Chef, Land-o-Lakes and Ghirardelli to name a few. And every brand name pin I found had a link to the company’s website! It is clear that the shrewd companies have incorporated Pinterest into their marketing strategies. Next to my pin of Land-o-Lakes butter there was a box that when clicked led me to a pinboard called From landolakes.com. When I searchd on Land-o- Lakes, I found a plethora of food items made using Land-o-Lakes products, all leading back to landolakes.com.I concluded my research with a search on Etsy. I knew that my talented fellow Etsyans would not let me down! From gorgeous edible cake decorations, cards and gift items to a shabby chic cake plate and  “Big Blue Doggie Birthday Cake”, Etsy did not disappoint.

Unique shabby chic cake plate made with repurposed items. Found in Etsy Shop Under the Sycamores

My research also led me to an amazing new discovery….the “cake in a jar”. I have only seen this on Etsy and Pinterest. I assure you my next purchase will be one of these decadent treats from one of my Etsy colleagues. I hope you enjoy pins of all of the items mentioned in this post on my “I Love Cake” pinboard, but be forewarned, I do not recommend visiting on an empty stomach!http://pinterest.com/silkflorals/i-love-cake/

“Cake in a Jar” found in Etsy shop Sweets and Stiches

Yours in Pinning,


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About Candice

Candice is the owner of Duchess Florals, a silk and fresh floral design studio in North Brunswick New Jersey, She studied floral design at The FlowerSchool NY and received her Professional Floral Design certification in 2014. Candice lives in North Brunswick, NJ with her husband and teenage daughter.

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  1. I always love your posts, I’m EXTREMELY happy to have you on board. Love your angle!

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