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Pinterest Image Optimization

Pinterest is such an extremely visual site,  that while for all of your Etsy shops an items you probably have to focus on SEO, here, we have to focus on PIO (if you will, 🙂 ) .  I find if you optimize images on Pinterest, you will greatly increase traffic and followers.

1. Pin your own images at least some of the time.

Repinning is nice for personal boards, but, for business if you continue to do it, it’s not getting you anywhere. And I don’t mean just find websites you like and pin them, I mean actually upload a pin, with a picture you took. It could be of your work or of something you like, or maybe a place you went. Nothing is more inspiring then a “Places I’ve Been” pinboard with pictures all taken by the pinner!

2. Name the file of your image

“Jan2012_2464_564_4565.jpg”  wont do as well in rankings as “vanilla-cupcake.jpg”.

3.  Pin from a number of sources

Instead of just one set one link. Again, this goes into don’t overpromote yourself, or anybody else. A variety of sources suggests a strong pinterest understanding, along with utilizing what pinterest is all about, discovering what inspires you. If you struggle with it too, then try to write the descriptions in an empty twitter, as long as you don’t cut specific words short, (luv, thnx, etc) (you can add a few extra characters as needed), your message as a whole will be better.

4.  Descriptions. Keep them short.

This is the one I really struggle on,  seriously I do, I just want to share everything I know on the subject! But, most people don’t like long posts, and are far less likely to repin them.

5. Don’t forget that Pinterest is a social platform, not an advertising platform.

Keep a strong human presence! Comment, share, like, and repin. Have non etsy related boards, and most importantly, do what you enjoy and pin what inspires you!

See what I  did there? I hid a “5 tips about” post… at any rate image optimization is key to success as a business on Pinterest. It helps you stand out, and as a small business owner on Etsy, you want it to be uniquely you. Remember – Etsy elaborates the importance of knowing where the consumers stuff comes from, so make that pinterest page basically “My life in pictures”.


About DeweysNook

I'm Victoria, leader of the Pin Me team, which is a cooperative / co op Etsy team - http://www.etsy.com/teams/11864/pin-me I'm also the designer/manager/owner at Dewey's Nook, which sells keepsakes inspired by the old world and many unique items. deweysnook.etsy.com I further own/manage Clover's Books, a currently under construction antiquarian book shop on etsy, selling affordable books, many over 100 years old. cloversbooks.etsy.com My avatar is Dewey Dunkin, the namesake of Dewey's Nook. Photo taken by me :)

One comment on “Pinterest Image Optimization

  1. Thanks for the excellent advice! Sometimes you can forget that it’s about the photos….

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