Destination London

Fine Art Photo of Big Ben found in Etsy Shop

My family is planning a trip to London in 2013. This coupled with the excitement of the upcoming London 2012 Summer Olympic Games and the recent celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee sent me on a Pinterest search to see what information I could find on this beloved country. London is known for so many things: the Beatles, William and Kate, Princess Diana, Charles Dickens, the BBC, Big Ben, the Thames and so on. When I searched

Fine Art Photo of London phone booth found in Etsy Shop

on the word “London,” I found pins on pinboards named “London,” “London, My London,” and “Places I’ve Been or Want to Go See,” among others. There were so many London-related pins that I have categorized them for enjoyment by the admirer of London and for reference by the future London traveler.

Accommodations — the first question you should ask yourself is “where do I want to be located when I am in London?” Eurocheapo’s article London: Which neighborhood is right for your trip?, helps the traveler to choose a neighborhood that meets their needs. For exmple, “if you want to limit the need to use public transportation and really immerse yourself in London’s buzz then Soho is your place.”Eurocheapo.com has also done all of the legwork for you by creating a list of 57 cheap hotels in London.

An iconic London alley located in Covent Garden

Scenic/Tourist Attractions —from Big Ben to Piccadilly circus and Buckingham Palace, London is not lacking in beautiful scenery and exciting places to visit. A pin of What to Do in London is a first-hand guide to

Kate and William

London written by a woman whose roomate is from London and who traveled to London many times. Each place she mentions has a link to the respective site. To me, this kind of information helps to make your trip richer and more authentic because you are visiting more than just the touristy venues.

Icons —From the Royals, Elton John and the Rolling Stones to the Beatles, Audrey Hepburn, Harry Potter and Agatha Christie, England sure has its share of icons. And Pinterest has a plethora of information on any personality that interests you!

Travel Guides —There are many places to see in London notwithstanding the usual — and might I say — beautiful tourist attractions. From europealacarte.com Our Tips for Things to Do in London, to markets, second hand bookshops and museums, there are numerous guides on Pinterest  to the must-see tourist attractions and to the off-the-beaten-path gems. The London Mapguide is a book of maps that do not need to be folded! The guide has information about London museums, theaters, markets, jazz clubs and cabarets, parks, river and canal trips, tourist information centers, and selected restaurants,

Tour Bus journal found in Etsy shop

cafes, and pubs. A guide to the London Tube (Metro Subway) will assist you with travel around London. This pin leads to a government website called Transport for London with a feature that helps you to plan the transportation for your trip around London. Also available are very specialized guides like Jewish London a guide to anything of Jewish

On the Set of the Making of Harry Potter Tour

interest in or around London. If you are a techie, you may want to try the Mobil Tech Review Forum with five apps to help you on your trip. One app uses your location to give rich and relevant content about the places around you via text, videos and photos. Cool!

Dining —making sure that all of your meals are enjoyable and affordable is key to a pleasant vacation. There is nothing worse than walking into a restaurant with no clue of the quality of the food or how much the tab will be. Pinterest is jam packed with first-hand accounts of restaurants in London. Peruse ratings of fast food restaurants to fine dining and everything in between from people who have actually dined there! You can go to London prepared to visit pre-screened restaurants that meet  your family’s needs.

Family — Start with a selection or two from London Adventure Walks, a book of 25 carefully devised, imaginative explorations of London, all starting from points easily accessible by public transport – specifically designed to appeal to children.  Next, try an adventure from the eurocheapo.com website guide London wth Children: Kid Friendly Activities on a Budget. On to a healthy meal to fit your budget at London chain restaurant Eat, followed by a visit the St. John Bakery for a custard or jam-filled donut! Back to the hotel for a nap followed by the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio

Nightime in London

Tour. The tour showcases the real sets, props, makeup, and special effects used in the eight movies! If you are not completely exhausted, check out the Planetarium at the Royal Museum. The London Pass website (could not be pinned) has discounts, guides and other tourist benefits http://londonpass.com/how-it-works/what-you-get-with-the-london-pass.html

Nightlife — One of my favorite pins was of a guide to museums at night. An annual event held in May, the Museums at Night London features an exciting line up of nocturnal activities in museums and galleries throughout the city. Or try the Ritzy Cinema, with a cafe/restaurant in and outside and an upstairs section that houses open mic and other entertainment.

London travel journal found in Etsy store

Shopping for Your Trip

As always, I have turned to my Etsy colleagues for travel-related items for my Travel Store and they did not disappoint! I found a variety of travel items including London and 2012 Olympic-related items! You can visit the store to find a variety of

London cosmetic bag found in Etsy shop

London-related items from handcrafted travel journals and passport holders to luggage tags kindle cases among others.

After all of this pinning of things London, I can’t wait until my trip in August 2013!

Yours in pinning,


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6 comments on “Destination London

  1. You know – I lived in London, England for a few years. From London, I moved to Killarney, Ireland (I also lived in Castlebar, Ireland). I met and married my husband in Ireland, and almost gave birth to my daughter there. Things didn’t pan out well with him so when I divorced I moved here, but, I still miss Ireland. England is a truly magical place, I really hope your family gets to go!

  2. Who knew they have an app for London.. Just more excellent tips for making pintrest more useable! Thanks! …and say hi to Benny Hill for me :0)

    • Thanks for your comment Tom. I had never heard of this app either! I definitely plan to put this to good use when I travel to London. Oh, and I apologize for neglecting to mention Benny Hill as a British icon! He is definitely among the most recognized personalities in England!

  3. Ohh! I really love your posts! So fun!

  4. Thanks Deborah! Glad you like our blog! Please keep reading 🙂

  5. Love this reading the is article;-) You have included so much useful information, thank you so much!! I love the cosmetic bag BTW!

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