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The Bathing Suit Dilemma

It wasn’t until I went shopping for bathing suits a few weeks ago that I realized I had teetered over into the plus size range during the course of this year. The definition of plus size is of course an individual assessment so please don’t think that I am directing this post at you. Actually, I prefer the word curvy when describing myself.

The options I found in the local department stores left a lot to be desired. There were big flowery skirts that no one likes or the sphanx knock-offs that suck you in until you cannot breathe. So basically my choices boiled down to ugly or unbearable. And for all of you men who are about to send this post into cyberspace with one click — not so fast!! These issues affect your wife, mother, sister and daughter. This tiny little blog could possibly keep you out of trouble when the dreaded annual bathing suit converation arises — and it will!

After this harrowing experience, and with a beach vacation rapidly approaching, I needed to find a bathing suit fast! So I thought to myself, there must be a better way to do this and I turned to my best resource

Body image cartoon found hundreds of times on Pinterest

when researching any topic: Pinterest of course! The first search phrase I entered was “finding a bathing suit” and I found at least 40 pins of the same cartoon expressing women’s frustration at finding a bathing suit that fits properly. Hallelujah! I am not alone. It was as if every woman felt the same way I did. I could just feel this pin going viral! But it was when I searched the phrase “I hate bathing suits” that I struck gold! There I found hundreds of pins on finding a bathing suit on pin boards called “Clothes I Like.” Perfectly Curvy,” “My Style,” “Lusciuous, Plus Size, Lady Fashion,” “Clothing Styles I Like,” “The Thick and Thin of It” and “Curve Appeal,” among others. There I found a whole world of gorgeous clothing for curvy women!

There were a number of online stores with swimsuits that were fashionable, flattering AND affordable! They can all be found on my pinboard here, but there was one store that I found to be especially helpful. This store does not simply sell bathing suits for curvy women, it actually helps you to determine your body type and clearly outlines the fashion dos and donts for each body type. The site even provides instructions on how and where to measure oneself (bust, waist, hips). Based on these measurements, you will fall into one of four categories: apple, hourglass, pear and busty. From there, you can decide which clothes work for you. I found this site in a roundabout way starting with Pinterest but it was not pinnable. You can find the store at http://www.evansusa.com. It would have been much simpler if I could have pinned this site back to my board. I can only hope for the day when the whole world will be pinnable….sigh.

A sex symbol in her time, Marilyn is considered a “plus size” woman today

And let ‘s not forget the curvy women who inspire us. Who knew that “bombshell”  Marilyn Monroe would be pinned as a plus size? I’ll be in that category with her…pick

Adele, a “plus size” woman on the cover of Vogue

me! Current singing sensation Adele has been labeled a plus size woman and she was on the cover of Vogue…move over Twiggy and Kate Moss! In case you didn’t hear, Seventeen Magazineannounced recently that they will no longer be airbrushing the 12 year old models that appear in their magazines (or any other age for that matter). Maybe there is hope for all of us….maybe our

Monogrammed beach tote found in Etsy shop

daughters will not grow up dreading the yearly bathing suit ritual like so many of us do. Finally, I have assembled a collection of swimwear accessories from a number of Etsy shops. From

Blinged out flip flops found in Etsy shop

cover ups and wraps to totes, anklets and hats, you can dress up your

Beach sarong found in Etsy shop

gorgeous new bathing suits with the perfect accessories.  And if you dont find what you are looking for here, search the Etsy sight for thousands of other choices.

Colorful beach hat found in Etsy shop.

NOW, get your hot curvy self to the beach!

Yours in Pinning,


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Note: I do not recommend any particular online store. This article should be used as an informational resource only.


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Candice is the owner of Duchess Florals, a silk and fresh floral design studio in North Brunswick New Jersey, She studied floral design at The FlowerSchool NY and received her Professional Floral Design certification in 2014. Candice lives in North Brunswick, NJ with her husband and teenage daughter.

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