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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest. If you’re into internet marketing or social networking, chances are you’ve heard about this ‘thing’ that has been taking the internet by storm. It’s been on the news, on just about every forum, in your blog sharing options, and more than likely in your twitter and facebook feeds. This may leave you with just one large question – What the heck is it?

Chart showing Pinterest’s growth – Image courtesy of crescentgroup.ca

While, it’s still not the largest social network, those stats are nothing to ignore.  That still doesn’t answer the question. What IS it.

Pinterest is essentially a virtual cork board or user curated magazine (Depending on how you want to look at it). This means, Pinterest is an extremely visual site.

People ‘Pin’ their favorite things they find while surfing the web onto ‘pin boards’, which can be curated by any number of users.

That’s all that Pinterest is. It’s extremely simple to sign up, and extremely easy to use.

Want advice on using it? Feel free on browse our blog, and check back constantly for new information on your soon to be favorite website.


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