The “Couponista” Culture

While I was searching for cake ingredients for my last post, I stumbled across a Land-o-Lakes coupon…it had not occurred to me that I could find coupons on Pinterest! But why not? Pinterest seems to have everything! So I decided to do a little research on coupons to see how pervasive they are in the […]

I Love Cake

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE cake. So when I was thinking about a topic for this week’s Monday blog post, I thought I would search on the phrase “I Love Cake” to see what came up. My search brought up hundreds of different cakes, all of which had comments that went something like “I Love […]

Pinterest: Connecting Generations

For this week’s Monday blog post, I thought I would choose a famous person and search their name to see what came up on Pinterest. Who better than Audrey Hepburn, style icon of the 50s and 60s, to research on Pinterest? When I searched by keyword “Audrey”, Pinterest came up with so many pins that I could not […]

The Art of the Pin

Welcome to the Monday Pin Me Team Blog! Every Monday, I will write about the creative side of Pinterest. Yes, there is a strong marketing aspect to Pinterest. We all know that individuals and businesses have discovered that Pinterest is an incredible marketing tool. In fact, I first began using Pinterest to promote my silk […]