How to Gain Followers on Pinterest

My Tuesday post – as promised in my updates post 😉

At any rate, Pinning for your business or your pleasure is relatively pointless if you don’t have followers. Sometimes it can be very off putting… staring at your follower count hover at a low number. The main ingredient to gaining followers is, as with anything in life, patience – However there are things you can do to speed up the process and increase the quantity.

http://pinterest.com/deweysnook/ – Only 88 Followers

1. Sync. With Everything.

This is something to keep in mind with everything you do on the internet. If your in marketing, business, advertising, or, in my case, an Etsy shop, you want as large of an internet footprint as possible.  You want people to easily be able to find you by your business name and name you conduct business (Example, I am Victoria Benenati from Dewey’s Nook).  Not only that, you reach the largest possible audience.  Not everybody follows you on all of your internet presences,   so take your information and spread it! Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, everywhere you possibly can. I know I’ve gained quite a few followers on Pinterest from my Twitter.

2. Check all of your links.

Okay, this seems one of those “Captain obvious things”, but let me tell you how many times I’ve been put into this scenario (Caution, don’t read this at night time, It’ll scare your socks off!):

It’s the middle of the night, I can’t sleep because my room mate is rambling on about something or other, so I crawl to my computer and hop onto pinterest. Out of no where, these delicious pecan pie bars pop up on your screen, your mouth immediately waters.. You click it desperately trying to get the recipe to bookmark for the next morning… and you find


Nothing, and I mean nothing makes me hit the “Unfollow” button faster. In short: Check. Your. Links! Every so often, especially if you have a favorite source, just check a few of them every so often to make sure it’s still valid.

3. Describe your pinboards!

I’m just as guilty of this with some of my pinboards, but,  it doesn’t make it okay. You have a huge area on the top of each pinboard to optimize how you appear in search engines. Use it! There are so many powerful keywords that can be placed in that spot that is so often left empty. If you fail to do that, at the VERY least categorize your pinboard. It looks very unprofessional when your visitors have to do it for you.

4. Unique Ideas for Pinboards.

This is probably one of the hardest things to do, but, you have to think outside of the box. Come up with a pinboard that is unique! Something a potential follower couldn’t find anywhere else! This is probably the best and most successful way to market on Pinterest, because if people like what they see, they’ll advertise for you. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

5. Utilize Pinterest’s Many Features!

Pinterest has many very functional, very useful, and very helpful features. Use them. That means hash tags, @’s to your favorite pinners and shoutouts to your fangirls. If you notice Sally (fictitious name)  really likes your stuff, to the point where they repin your pins, comment on your pins, favorite your pins, etc try to find something special for Sally – and give her a shoutout @Sally! If she seems to like avocado recipes, find a brand new fun avocado recipe! Chances are she’ll appreciate it! For more on Pinterests Features, read my blogpost here. It’s a nice basic blogpost that has a wealth of pinterest information.

Thats it for this week – Check back next Friday for another enriching post, remember we’re now optimized for all your mobile devices for your convenience. You can also follow our blog via your email, to find out how just check the top of the sidebar to your right.

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About DeweysNook

I'm Victoria, leader of the Pin Me team, which is a cooperative / co op Etsy team - http://www.etsy.com/teams/11864/pin-me I'm also the designer/manager/owner at Dewey's Nook, which sells keepsakes inspired by the old world and many unique items. deweysnook.etsy.com I further own/manage Clover's Books, a currently under construction antiquarian book shop on etsy, selling affordable books, many over 100 years old. cloversbooks.etsy.com My avatar is Dewey Dunkin, the namesake of Dewey's Nook. Photo taken by me :)

2 comments on “How to Gain Followers on Pinterest

  1. I love this post! No matter how much you think you know about Pinterest, there is always more to learn! Well done….

  2. Your [blog?] is valueble for me. Thanks!…

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